16:00 Uhr

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Ricardo Costa, CEO, MVB Brasil

Gustavo Cruz, Publisher, Editorial Almadía (Mexico)

Mariana Souza, Coordinator Digital Books, Editora Rocco (Brazil)

Gabriela González, General Management Advisor, Librerías Gonvill (Mexico)


Kathrin Riechers, Product Manager, MVB

Jan Götze, Business Development Manager, MVB

Mission Innovation Talk II: Can standardization improve your sales and reduce your expenses?

At the core of each publisher’s decision to publish a book is the wish to make it as successful as possible. To achieve success, however, books must be found by readers and booksellers easily. How can this be achieved in a world of ever-growing publications? And what core requirements must book markets worldwide create to help the industry grow visibility and sales?

Link to the Youtube video.